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The Magic of Tears


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Book synopsis

Shaya is a big boy now and not supposed to cry. But one day, fed up, he opens the door and runs towards the sea. On the way, guided by the wind, he discovers how the pain within our hearts can be released and healed through the Magic of Tears. Ultimately, Shaya's journey also helps his parents re-discover the Magic of Tears and open their hearts.

About the workshop

The workshop will focus both on understanding the natural healing mechanisms we were all born with that include our ability to cry and laugh and on regaining our ability to use these mechanisms. We will teach the students simple exercises that can be used on a daily basis to release painful emotions and reconnect with their hearts. They will learn the art of deep listening as well as movement and noncompetitive games.


The workshops will begin in November 2015 in some of the local Arab and Jewish schools in the Galilee.