Together Beyond WordsEmpowering Women and Promoting Peace

From Pain to Peace

From Pain to Peace
Peace Leadership Training Program

''This is the most extraordinary work on a human level that I have ever seen… ''

-- Karen Kreisberg, CEO of the Krieger Fund after participating in a Peace Leadership workshop

About the Project:

Throughout recorded time we have failed to appreciate and honor the place that human pain has in affecting the course of history.

In Israel and worldwide there are several programs for conflict transformation/resolution and peace studies, but very few programs focus on the influence of human pain in shaping world history. Very few programs stress the fact that most of the violence in the Middle East and the world can be attributed to personal, interpersonal and national wounds that had no safe haven to be heard, acknowledged and transformed. These wounds affect our behavior towards one another and are often seen played out in racist, oppressive behavior and extremist violent actions. Hardly any of the existing Peace Studies programs teach practical, every day tools for looking at our human pain and transforming it as well as interventions that can help others do the same. Tools that enable us to live a life  where our   emotional wounds no longer control our behavior in the present, are not passed on to our children and do not dictate our future.

Our Peace Leadership Program trains women and most recently men to use simple, readily available tools to transform pain so it is not transmitted.  This work is crucial for creating a foundation for peace.  To run the courses and workshops, our staff  has been collaborating with national and international leaders from Internal Family SystemsRadical Aliveness/Core Energetics and the Esalen Institute ( So far we have held workshops and courses for hundreds of participants.

This year we have began a two year certificate studies Peace Leadership Program using three approaches that teach people to work for social cohesion, reconciliation and transforming human pain into understanding and empathy.


The approaches we are using :

1. Together Beyond Words: uses both verbal and nonverbal interventions. This combination seems to work extremely well in quickly breaking down barriers and creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. Within this safe space old wounds can be healed, hidden strength recovered and emotional understanding and empathy enhanced. We teach people simple tools they can use on a daily basis with friends, family members and in their community to transform pain so it is not transmitted.
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2. Core Energetics/Radical Aliveness: teaches us how to be effective, influential leaders in a new socio-political environment where we are all connected, where we can all participate, and where each individual is needed to create the wisdom of the whole. During the course people learn to have disagreements while staying in connection, they become better able at  handling strong feelings, moving and grounding energy, working with aggression and being vulnerable.
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3. Internal Family systems: helps us in becoming deeply acquainted with the Self that is present within each of us: that authentic essence that enables us to feel love, compassion, curiosity and connection to ourselves and to others.  The work enables us to develop an ability to see at each given moment the pain, anger and need for revenge as parts of us and of others and not as all of who we are. When we learn to look at our wounded angry and extreme parts with compassion they can heal and work in harmony under the leadership of the Self.
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Why we are using these tools?
Because we have found them extremely useful in transforming pain so it is not transmitted, in enhancing our compassion towards ourselves and others, in expanding our ability for introspection which decreases our need to project our painful feelings unto others and therefore increases our understanding and acceptance of diversity, and in strengthening our leadership as peace builders in the midst of chaos and conflict.

What are people saying about our Peace Leadership Workshops?
''Crying is not shameful and it is not embarrassing, it is a need… a baby does not only cry when he needs to eat, many times he cries in order to release what he feels inside. I feel a need to cry in order to get out and melt the pain that has built up inside me over the years.”
--- Ahmed G. Arab man on his insights about crying

“This course has helped me a great deal, it’s the only thing that changed my prejudices about people. Due to this course I learned to love them and to love myself.”
--- Galit L. a Jewish woman who served in the Israeli military police force and was on duty as a medic when some of her friends were killed in a terrorist suicide bombing in Beit Lid