Together Beyond WordsEmpowering Women and Promoting Peace

About Us

''The dormant power of women together is the untapped resource needed by humanity and by the planet''. --- Jean Shinoda Bolan

''Pain that is not transformed, is transmitted''. --- Richard Rohr

'Together Beyond Words' is a non-profit organization created in 2003 by a group of nine Arab and Jewish women who gathered to form an organization that engages in empowering women, reducing prejudice and promoting peace - building in Israel.
Together we have developed a multi-disciplinary approach that includes movement, body work and deep listening designed to create deep connections while transforming pain and trauma. This method is called 'Beyond Words' and works quickly in breaking down barriers and building trust.
In our workshops Arab and Jewish women experience the ‘Beyond Words' approach together. This experience enables them to see that beyond all differences of culture, tradition, religion and even nationality there is so much more they share as women, mothers and wives.
Once they become aware of similarities between them and learn to understand, respect and appreciate their differences, they can bring their unique skills and work together to create a change.
In a society where prejudices and conflicts between Arabs and Jews have lasted for so many years, there is an extraordinary power when women on both sides can work together to build a common future.

Our Uniqueness

Innovative educational model: In our courses women learn cutting edge theories and experience the practice of living peacefully
Support networks: Women in our groups create life-time support networks
Greenhouse: Our group meetings provide a greenhouse for creating alliances, partnerships and new projects together
Collaborations: Because of our deep understanding regarding the importance of partnerships and how to create them we are able to collaborate with several different organizations and thus increase our effectiveness...

Our Vision

Unleashing the power of Jewish and Arab women working together for social change and peace.


Values that guide us

1. Walking our Talk
2. Strengthening leadership of women within the organization
3. Transparency in management
4. Payment of fair wages
5. Working in partnerships
6. Supporting a life of balance and harmony with all of who we are
7. Professionalism in theory and practice

Our Partners

 Kol HaIsha (KHI) - an organization that has been working for the past 18 years for economic and social advancement of women in Jerusalem. Along with this organization we are working on a project for personal and economic empowerment of Palestinian and Israeli entrepreneurs..

 Shatil, Beersheba – an organization working for social and economic justice, human and civil rights, religious pluralism and cultural advancement of the rights of Palestinians in Israel and the promotion of environmental issues and community. Along with Ms. Rina Okbi, coordinator of Arab women in the Negev, we run a course empowering Bedouin women who live in Southern Israel

 Shiluvim BaGalil – is a school for "Playback" theatre with an emphasis on personal growth, community empowerment and social change. Together with Shiluvim Bagalil, we are creating an ensemble of Arab and Jewish actresses and facilitators who will be performing throughout the country in 2013.

 IFS Israel Institute – is a teaching institute for the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy that offers a clear, non-pathologizing, and empowering method of understanding human problems, as well as an innovative and enriching philosophy of practice that invites both therapist and client to enter into a transformational relationship in which healing can occur. Through Together Beyond Words Dr. Osnat Arbel and Einat Bronstein, directors of the Institute  taught the first  Level I IFS  course For Jewish and Arab Palestinian women.